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Type of Tractors

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Tractors are an essential part of farming. Dating back to the 18th century, tractors (short for traction motors) were used to facilitate large-scale agriculture. Their need stemmed from an increasing population and a dwindling food supply. Today, there are many type of tractors that serve to pull or push farm utilities in large-scale agriculture. Tractors offer an unmatched convenience to farm operations. They are a worthwhile investment, and usually, you get your return on investment without having to wait long.

Type of Tractors

1. Lawn Tractor

These types of tractors have a horsepower of approximately 17. The primary purpose of a lawn tractor is mowing lawns. Lawn tractors have a limiting power capacity and lack some of the features that you would find in powerful tractor models. Lawn tractors are just like drivable lawn mowers that can carry around tools and supplies when you are working.

2. Garden Tractor

With the horsepower ranging from 20 to 25, garden tractors are a lot tougher and more powerful than lawn tractors. You have a machine that allows flexibility of use. Garden tractors have extensive decks that will enable you to mow a significant area of land in little time. There are also extra features such as hydraulic steering and four-wheel drive that makes garden tractors preferred over other types of tractors. If you need a lawnmower that can deliver high performance and one that can also be used in farm projects, then a garden tractor should be your best choice.

3. Subcompact Tractor

Some small models of subcompact tractors may resemble garden tractors. Don’t be mistaken – these are super powerful tractors that are much suited for farm activities. Whereas garden tractors have gasoline engines, subcompact tractors usually have a diesel engine with a horsepower of about 25.

You will have versatility and expandability thanks to the included PTOs. From clearing tree limbs and debris to carrying posts or loading sand, here you have a machine that is reliable and stable. The hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive, and power steering give the subcompact tractor perfect maneuverability in all types of terrains

4. Compact Utility Tractor

This is the main highlight of small tractors – it might not pack the power of a full utility model, but compact utility tractors don’t disappoint. You can equip them with attachments like front-end loaders and back haulers and many others. Some models have 4WD and cabs enabling high performance in all types of weather. With a compact utility tractor, whatever you imagine you can make it happen.

With dozens of implements, which range from the aerators to the tillers, one is able to work from the sunup to the sundown and have no qualms about exhaustion.

Which Type of Tractor Should I Get?

Although there are different types of tractors available, you should choose one that fits your needs on a daily basis. The four type of tractors include lawn tractors, garden tractors, sub- compact tractors, and compact utility tractors. All are unique with their different uses, varying features and abilities.

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Type of Tractors

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